Black Holes

Jillian's Guide to Black Holes: Forming - Types - Outside - Inside - Finding - References - Websites

The Basics of Spacetime Diagrams

I admit that spacetime diagrams are tricky things. It took me a while to get used to them and to be able to read them accurately at first try. I realize that this pseudo-tutorial I'm giving you is less than adequate for someone who has never before seen a spacetime diagram. I apologize for this. As it is, if you are utterly baffled, you can always email me, and I'll try to clear things up for you. That's a standing offer for anything on these pages for as long as these pages are up and running!

I try to explain some things on these pages with the help of my valiant cockatiel, Lupin. He's a bird. That's him on the right.


The Coordinate System

Drawing Lines of Simultaneity

Time Dilation and How Funky Relativistic Effects Are Symmetric

Drawing Diagrams for Accelerated Objects

Penrose Diagrams

Gravity and the Eternal Black Hole


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