Curious about who created this strange site?

My name is Jillian, which in Latin means "youth". I'm from the East Coast of the US. As you might have guessed, I am a bit of a geek. I think physics is cool, especially when applied to the rest of the universe. It's quite amazing how much we have figured out just from looking. I graduated from Syracuse University with a BA in physics, although I started as a computer engineer who took physics courses for fun. I spent some time in the Southwest to earn a Ph.D. in astronomy at New Mexico State University. Currently I devote my time to teaching and public outreach.

I have a number of obsessions/hobbies: I enjoy photography and nearly always have a camera on hand. I am also a rock hound with (far too many) minerals scattered throughout my apartment. I am an intermittant bicyclist, archer, and tennis player. I have a pet cockatiel, Lupin. He's a fantastic little feathery gentleman whose antics are wonderful to behold. I used to think bird people were a little nuts; but after having him for 24 years, I think he's turned me into one of those bird-crazy people. I sort of go a little nuts about every bird I see. I find it perfectly healthy to laugh out loud at crazy bird antics, regardless of passers-by.

Since I am keen on astronomy education and outreach, this site first existed as a reposity of astronomy education, specifically about black holes. Over time, however, this site grew to serve as a showcase of some of the art I do. I don't mean high-brow modern art with subtle and ironic interpretations; I mean my having fun with pen and paper, Photoshop, photography, and other media.

The name "Gothos" came from an old Star Trek episode. As per my being a geek, I like science fiction shows. I grew up watching Doctor Who, the single longest-running sci-fi TV show in the world, which enjoyed an amazing rebirth in 2005. The new series is just as goofy as the old one, with the addition of shiny new computer graphics. I really like Firefly (and Serenity) for Joss Whedon's interesting depiction of the future and his clever writing, so I am sad that it was cancelled after one season. Oh, yeah. I watch a lot of anime. My favorite series are Trigun, Full Metal Panic, Read or Die, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, and Sword Art Online. I like these shows because the animation is pretty, the characters are interesting, and the plots aren't irritating. I also appreciate seeing female characters on par with male characters. Did I mention awesome animation? I feel I should reiterate that part. It's entirely possible that I read too much. I can't go to sleep without reading at least a chapter. Sometimes that worries me.

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