Black Holes

Jillian's Guide to Black Holes: Forming - Types - Outside - Inside - Finding - References - Websites

There are some great resources on the web for learning about black holes. Firstly, though, I'd like to mention that this site has been translated into Basque by Web Geek Science.


NASA's Imagine the Universe! Black Holes

STScI's Amazing Space: No Escape: the Truth about Black Holes

Hubble Space Telescope: Explore black holes

Chandra X-ray Observatory: black holes

Learning Space: An overview of active galaxies this is an amazing site!

Wikipedia: Black holes

Scientific American
(2000) Gamma Ray Bursts Come Home by Shawn Carlson
(1998) Gamma-Ray Bursts by Fishman and Hartmann (free PDF)
(1996) The Nature of Space and Time by Hawking and Penrose (free PDF)

Black Holes as waterfalls

Black Holes FAQ by Ted Bunn

HowStuffWorks: How black holes work by Craig C. Freudenrich

UniverseToday: Black holes also a good astronomy news site

Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars by Nemiroff

Falling into a black hole

Link Directories black holes

AstronomyLINKS: black holes Visitor link rating system (that's customer satisfaction)

Bright Surf Also a good site for science news

Cosmic Link: black holes

Guide All: black holes

Sea and Sky: Cosmology


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