Photography : Land & Sky: Foggy Dawn

Aqua pre-dawn light scatters through the pea soup fog one morning at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona, making a simple walk to the dorm look like the exploration of a city submerged in the ocean. I was at Kitt Peak to observe a particulary binary star which only popped above the horizon from May to July ... right during "monsoon season" in the Southwest. Out of 11 days, the telescope opened twice; but I was lucky enough that those were precisely the days I needed and I ended up getting fantastic data. During the rest of the year KPNO has great weather, but right now the weather was stormy, with great sunsets and long frustrating nights of not being able to open the telescope. The evening started with the webcam shot show below and continued with 20 foot (6 m) visibility most of the night. That the fog hung around til dawn wasn't surprising, but the thickness of it and the vividness of the blue took me aback.


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