I am an amateur photographer, with heavy emphasis on amateur. I take pictures for fun and because I have an obsessive desire to capture the feeling of how I see the world. I nearly always have my camera with me in case I see something interesting. Most of the photos I like the best came from random shots rather than something I planned.

I usually carry a Sony Cyber-shot H9. It has many features, most of which I won't list here, but the one I enjoy the most is the 15x optical zoom. I've never had a camera that can take pictures of the Moon or birds in trees prior to this one, and I am in love. I also have a Canon EOS Rebel t3i. I use Adobe Photoshop to clean up my images and Kolor AutoPanoPro to stitch images into panoramas.

I've grouped my photographs into a few loose categories. As you can see, I don't often take pictures of people. People are tricky: they don't want to sit still while I fiddle for 5 minutes and they can get angry if they don't look good in the picture. A side note about my pictures of various observatories: usually the only way I have free time close to sunset is when we cannot open the telescopes due to bad weather. Thus, nearly all of my sunset photos show observatories having bad weather. This is not the case --- most of the time the weather is very clear at all of these sites!



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