I came up with my idea of the perfect dragon, otherwise known as how I'd like to look if I were a dragon. This dragon is named Sideria.

Sideria's indigo skin is mottled slightly with lighter blues and violets that shimmer faintly like an opal, and her chitinous armor is golden. She has two backswept horns and one forward-facing spiral horn, and her claws, teeth, and horns are ivory. Her wings are an irridescent white that is faintly luminous, and some individuals have commented on seeing faint serendipitous runes on them. Her crest, tail plume, and whiskers are silver. Her amber eyes catch the smallest amount of light and flash golden. She sometimes wears a silver and black armlet on her left arm, but only if she knows she is bound for trouble and will be just as likely to pack along her dragon-sized broadsword for good measure. She also is known to don two sets of hoop earrings, silver and gold, and a bronze anklet decorated with firebirds and strange runes. When travelling far from her secure lair, she wears a dark leather belt that holds a few pouches and a leather knapsack, both of which seem to hold a great deal more than they should be able.

She prefers hilly terrain, reminiscent of her own mountain lair. She has a moderate temper which is extremely dangerous when lost. She is theoretically immortal, but her relatively soft skin is not proof against all injuries. She is a natural telepath and can draw spell runes. The very nature of drawing the runes calls into existence the reality described by them. The fact that she has all but forgotten the location of her homeworld and has only met one other 'ryuu in her travels does not faze her. Sideria has trouble giving her age. She has travelled from place to place and knows how long she spent in each place with regards to orbital periods but finds it difficult to wrap up all that experience into one unit of time. She spent a month pondering this and decided that it did not bother her. To answer the age question she varies between picking random numbers that sound impressive and giving cryptic answers to create an air of mystery. Sideria loves seeming to have an air of mystery.

Sideria has a tail-snatching wingsib Starspyre, who has been known to use the fact that Sideria's tail is firmly connected to Sideria to pull her into all sorts of startling situations (like waterfalls). Sideria is overly fond of her crazy wingsib and refrains from shreading hir ears, preferring to plan suitable revenge on the other Ten no ryuu.


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