Elizabeth "Lizzy" Holmes

She has a fine-boned oval face, and her mousey blonde hair falls just past her shoulders, should she let it down. Her bright topaz blue eyes stand out from her tan skin. She ordinarily wears jeans and a blouse and considers the addition of a suit coat to said outfit 'dressing up.' That being said, she has been known on occasion and under the pressure of all her friends to wear nice dresses to parties. She prefers coffee (but not in the morning), salty foods, brainless adventure-romance movies, working out by running the stairs up to her apartment, sunny days, cities, and a job well done---not to mention giving Peach lengthy scratch-ums. She wrote the successful Songweaver trilogy, about a girl raised knowing both the normal, modern world and the magical faerie world. She is currently working on a series about a boy and his parrot familiar (who acts suspiciously like Peach) in a medieval fantasy world of high magic.

Liz has a 10 yr. old thoroughly domesticated cockatoo (~1 ft. body, 2 in. grey beak, strong grey talons, grey eyes, large pale orange crest, white feathers) named Peach, who likes coffee and muffins. Peach can say "hello, pretty bird," "wanna go back," "bad bird!" "where are the keys??" "muffins?," as well as purr like a cat, bark like a dog, and make an all-too-realistic impersonation of Liz's alarm clock. She leaves the radio on during the day, if she knows she's going to be away from home, just so Peach doesn't get bored; thus Peach picked up a few other choice phrases. Peach's stand is a wooden "tree" with chewy toys, bell toys, and climbing toys hanging from it. Peach's cage is a large wire affair that, along with the tree, takes up the corner of the room. Peach's wings are clipped, so he can only glide to the ground and waddle about on the floor.


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