Jenny Barker

Jenny, aka Nøva or Catch²², is wiry delivery chick with thick blonde-streaked-blue-and-green-and-purple hair (typically seen flying behind her as she 'blades through New York city). Her eyes are deep violet with small triangle tattoos (point facing down) under her left one.
She's a metis swara, a hornéd werecheetah, built for speed and wired for independence. She is good with computers but her true love is her own home brand version of VR. Curious, prideful, and cowardly pretty much cover her. Her mother raised her, for her father left to join the struggles in the Amazon. Her mom stayed with her cub just long enough to make sure she was ensconced in the education track and going to survive on her own. Since she was born a metis freak, Jenny always knew she was different from everyone else, and different meant powerful and aloof.

She lives alone in a small appartment in NY which contains the docking station for her laptop; her home-assembled VR setup; a small kitchen unit; various colored bottles, odd bits of metal, and feathers; electrical projects in all stages of completion; and a torn up mattress. There isn't much floor space, but she's nimble enough not to care. One corner of the room is dominated by boxes of Excalibur comics (she idolizes Shadowcat), which are in order in her mind. She tries to watch ThunderCats when she can because Cheetara also kicks tail. The other corner contains a large box of leggoes, much used and cherished. When the computer gets boring, there are always leggoes is her philosophy.

Officially, she works as one of those pesky, roller-blading, delivery people. Her second source of income is the occasional good computer hack (to quote, "You like your account scrambled or over easy??" in response to someone who didn't like Shadowcat). She attends college (because mom always said education's important) when she isn't delivering. When she isn't doing either of these, she's on the web playing games as Catch²². She has a fair reputation at her net haunts, but nothing major.

Her style is fast and flashy and usually messy (to quote, "My spine bends like a reed in the wind, and my 'blades hit the pavement like a crack of thunder"). She does not like talking about her family or the Folk at all. She believes that computers are easier to talk to than people. She opens those Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes-wanna-be's with naive belief. She is as dexterous as a cat on a mantle with nine Ming vases, and she can run with the speed and tirelessness of the wind. She still laughs every time she hears the song "The Cat Came Back."


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