I have always drawn, even as a little kid. I was fascinated with drawing dragons and found it fun to fuss about the details of the skeleton, wings, or scales. Initially I used a combination of countour outline and colored pencils but later I learned to scan my drawings and play with them in Photoshop. I couldn't tell you why I like to draw what I draw. I took watercolor classes when growing up, so I can, in fact, draw reality when asked to. Perhaps drawing is a complement to photography: I photograph reality and I draw what I can't photograph. Sometimes I like to capture an entire scene, like with a painting, and sometimes I just want to work out the details of a costume or a pattern of scales on a creature in a doodle. More recently, I just want to make someone laugh when they see a post-it note I've left them.

I've grouped my drawings into three loose categories. Creatures contains non-humans like dragons and gryphons, which I drew a lot as a kid. Characters contains all of the portraits for role playing characters I created, including biographies and/or histories. Chalkboard is a hodge-podge category which contains random drawings on chalkboards, dry erase boards, and sidewalks.


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