Darkmoon of New Haven, Guardian of the Realm

Darkmoon is a young girl from the small town of New Haven. Her parents, Albert and Maria, are keepers of a local inn and tavern, the Frothing Otter. Darkmoon has two siblings, Valerie, her older sister, and Treynor, her younger brother. Darkmoon either helped her family in running the inn, daydreamed, or got into trouble, usually with a youth nicknamed Samalander, who everyone called 'Sam' unless they wanted to start a fight. Darkmoon's best memory of her childhood (which some would argue is far from over) is the time when she, Valerie, Treynor, and Sam stole a pie right out of the kitchen of the Frothing Otter (a dangerous task!). They hid in a barn and ate the purloined pie, fought valiant battles, told adventure stories in the dark, and got coated in hay from the pie's sticky juices and one too many heroic deaths.

Her father thought to teach Darkmoon responsibility by letting her learn to fight properly, although it could have been to help her hold her own in the scuffles with the town bullies. Her worried mother tried to tame her tomboy daughter by teaching her the festival dances. Neither task was easy---least of all for Darkmoon and her infamous temper. When Darkmoon turned 15, she reached the age of choosing a respectable trade. Would she be a weaver, a fighter (and the town soldiers all groaned miserably at the thought), a dancer, or an innkeeper? Darkmoon's answer? An adventurer!! No one was surprised. They had all heard many of Darkmoon's tales of how she defeated evil warlords and wicked pirates and met scores of elves each afternoon. At the town's send-off celebration Albert entrusted his scimitar, New Moon, to Darkmoon with the promise that she would wield it well and wisely (the latter being more a wistful suggestion). Darkmoon soon managed to acquire a skittish pony, who she named after her restless little brother Treynor

When Darkmoon first started adventuring, she was small and still had some growing to do. Spunk, however, made up for whatever she lacked in height and bulk, making her enthusiastic and ready for almost anything (from the bullies from back home up to and including evil, chaos-spawned freaks of nature). She inherited her father's olive skin, dark black eyes, and her mother's blonde hair (that is always unruly, no matter how many times is brushed). She wore a battered leather jerkin and a bright red half-cape. She had warm fur boots that were at one point white but had long since faded to gray. Darkmoon did a bit of growing between the first adventure and the second. She has grown to just shy of 5'11' and can wield her war axe with confidence bordering on arrogance. She wears half-plate armor gifted to her from Duke Gordona (himself!) and wears the stone of Materia (a magical stone werein rests what was the Axe of Courage!). Darkmoon has spent her years learning the dangers of the Wilds and makes her living as a guide and a hunter. She feels a responsiblity to eradicate the Wilds, since she and her companions were indirectly responsible for their creation.

Legends of Krystallia (The first adventure)
War between countries threatens the land as strange devices from a forgotten age reawaken. Darkmoon and her companions meet and strive to learn the mystery of the crystals of power, weapons related to the lost god of knowledge, Woden, and to stop their foes from gathering the lockstones.

Legacy of Krystallia (Recovery from the first adventure)
Darkmoon and her companions survived the trials of the ascension and destruction of the second moon. Given time, they all settled down and tried to build calmer lives. However, the dire magic released as they fought undead evil left deep marks on the land, spawning wild and dangerous growth. An important theft has the Guardians of Krystallia chasing a sorcerous mercenary southward into Dharm. New plots are afoot!


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