Kikei is a spunky, magic wielding cat-girl who usually has to be rescued from Situations by her sister, Nuriko. Her hair is a vibrant auburn with purple and blue streaks and her tail poof has all sorts of colors in it. Her eyes are a freaky orange with a wicked pixie glint in 'em. Heh, definitely freaky. "Scatterbrained" covers her personality; "easily distracted" to be kind. She lives in the present, since the past is tough to recall, and who knows what the future holds.

Kikei can manipulate complex spell circles in her mind and pull off spells that would leave most people a pile smoking cinders, but she likes to watch the clouds and examine the rocks and pet the cats, too. She agrees with her sister, though, that there are time when a cat girl's got to put the cat down, flick back her ears, and kick some a---err, tail. While Nuriko can also cast some devastating spells, Kikei has a passion for esoteric spell craft and is always testing her theoretical constructs. Yeah, a wink and a spell makes everything turn out okay. If not, Kikei relies on her ability to out-run trouble. Since Nuriko bullies Kikei into going to the gym, she's got a decent chance.

Nuriko is Kikei's older sister. She has spikey dark hair and piercing golden eyes. While Kikei may not care whether her socks are the same, Nuriko has a sleek sense of style and is quite striking. She seems more laid back in comparison to her younger sister, certainly, her demeanor and appearance is quieter. Her composed mein is at odds with Nuriko's pride and joy: demolitions. She is an expert who takes a fierce pride in bringing down large constructions with minimal collateral damage. Perhaps her explosives aren't regulation, and she seems to have a knack for precise amplification and direction of blasts, but to the business world, she is reliable and efficient. Outside of work Nuriko helps her sister wage war against stupidity and greed. She has a telekinetic ability to focus energy and an almost intuitive chemical knowledge pertaining (only) to compounds that explode or corrode. As Nuriko says, she supplies the madness and leaves the method to her sister.

Things Kikei is around for any length of time tend to pick up their own personality. Case in point: Ekisha, what used to be her laptop. Ekisha is a cross between a familiar and a computer. Kikei was so fond of her old laptop that, when it finally broke down (computers were not meant to do what she asked them to), she "repaired" it. Kikei takes great pleasure in being able to constantly upgrade Ekisha, from the mysterious endless power juicing up Ekisha's battery (don't ask where she gets the power) to the keyboard that's sometimes there and sometimes not. Or the legs on Ekisha as it waddles after Kikei. She is currently working on a cat-shaped armature for Ekisha, like an all-terrain peripheral so that the computer doesn't spend all its time cooped up in a backpack.

Kikei's worldview is as dynamic as her hair color. On one hand she'd rather just sit back and tinker with her spells and her laptop; on the other hand she knows there are some real creeps out there that want to get between her and her tinkering. Kikei is not opposed to a preemptive first strike (when she's got the advantage, that is) and teams up with Nuriko to rock some serious tail. Kikei switches between bloodthirst and squeamishness during such adventures. Actually, she is very excitable during such adventures; it is Nuriko who keeps a cool head and knows where and when to run.

The two cat girls try to do as they please and to not bother too many people. (Like that ever happens!) They have an apartment, Nuriko works, and Kikei attends classes. Aside from a little craziness at dinner time (for both are passionate about food), they try to live a good life.


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