Chiara Goft-Galweigh

The Goft-Galweighs are an old respectable clan of fire witches, who were welcomed into the city at the beginning of the war for obvious reasons. The family is well-known for being argumentative and stubborn, and they were given a house in the city mainly to keep the disturbances in the castle to a minimum. Powerful fire-witches such as the elder members of the family have the uncanny ability to set their hair ablaze in a fit of rage. The Galloways are currently slightly in debt from fire-proofing their house.

Chiara is a middle child, neither the youngest in the house nor the oldest, and only child of Jelena and Aidan. She has always lived in her family's house in the city. Her job was to take care of the children and help them control their magic. As she grew, her parents realized the power of their daughter's talent and enforced many grueling magic lessons. Needless to say, Chiara was not happy about spending all her free time cooped inside the house learning from tutors (nor were the tutors at all happy about coaching the angry and willful Chiara).

When Chiara received an invitation to the Duke's court at age 16, she saw her chance to get out of the house and do something productive (finally). Of course, her family (especially her parents) emphasized how important it was for her to honor the family by doing well and to be respectful to the Duke and the other members of the court. When Chiara became a member of the Duke's select group, neither Chiara nor her family could have been prouder. Chiara became the Duke's unofficial court mage, and entered the stately and subtle dance of the Court (more or less successfully). Chiara has a reputation for her caustic sense of humor as well as her quick temper. Now, four years later, a gulf has formed between Chiara and the Court due to fear of her power (and apparent willingness to use it) and distaste at her impolite manner.

Chiara is a 20 year old fire witch from the well-known Goft-Galweigh clan. She is taller than average (5'11"), fine-boned, and rather attractive (until her grating personality comes into play). Her face is pointed and her features delicate. Her eyes are slanted and change from cloud grey to moss green. She keeps her wavy red hair unfashionably short save for a long thin tail in the back. She wears a thin golden circlet with a polished garnet set in the front. She also wears a pendant of a golden bird clutching a cloudy translucent point. She is never seen without either piece of jewelry. Chiara is quick to answer a perceived insult and prone to the belief that the young are invulnerable. She has developed an arrogance since working with the Duke's forces.


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