Celia Ashni, "Beloved Lightening"

Celia is a 5'8" tall bronze half-dragon. She is still rather young, only about 50. Her scales are yellow slightly tinged with green, her eyes are a vivid emerald, and she has a golden mane (which she bunches with discs of chrysocolla). Her hands and feet are webbed. She is not horrific; in spite of (or rather because of) her strange appearance, she is imposing with her claws, horns, and tail. Her mother is Venestae, a bronze dragon from the Dragonmere, and her father is Arteus, a well-traveled wizard. She favors her mother in appearance and her father in temperament and ability. Celia is an eighth child and is quite keen to prove herself worthy of her family. She admires her siblings, both half-dragon and full dragon; she yearns for them to be as proud of her as she is of them.

When Celia decided to begin her wandering, she retreated to what the rest of the family jokingly called her lair: a series of natural caves carved out by a stream that feeds the Dragonmere. The young half-dragon explored these caves as a cub, thinking them full of magical treasure just around the bend. As she grew, Celia appreciated the cool, dark caves as a place to which to retreat when she needed to think (or sulk). Celia sat for a day, willing the creatures of the land and the sea to help her find a travelling companion and a friend. Sceleste happened to be the one who answered her call. He is a small albino viper with a sharp sense of humor, in honor of which Celia named him ("sceleste" meaning "wicked" in draconic). Ready for the world and eager to hone her magical skills, Celia bid farewell to her family and began her travels. The young dragon is fully aware that not everyone can tell the difference between an evil dragon and a good one and recognizes that not everyone is willing to listen to her patient explanation. Celia wears heavy robes that disguise her scales and posture and employs magic if further disguise is necessary.

The half-dragon has learned some interesting and destructive spells during her travels; but, ultimately, she does not travel solely to advance her arcane art. She desires the world to do better for her having been there; she feels great fulfillment in aiding others, feeling that she is giving back a small portion of what has been given to her by her family. (Although, she does have a bit a of a temper and has been known to pull a prank or two. Never mind that; she's a good ... person.)


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