Ash was born Ashana to a farming family near the city, the fifth of seven children. She loathes an honest day's work and ran away at 10 years of age. To make a long story short, she joined the thieves' guild and became a mediocre thief. One assingment led her to Vordiken the Grey, a powerful old wizard, whose tower is embedded in the city wall due to his stubborness. He threatened to turn her into a cat and she offered herself as his apprentice. Noticing her slightly magical nature, he held off the transformation and gave her a month's grace. Vordiken taught her how to snitch spells for him. She has lived in the tower for 5 years and is about 17 years old.

Vordiken the Grey is rumored to be addicted to taking on cat form. Privately, he denies it; but then he declares that useful rumors are hard to come by. He keeps three cats in the tower, for they control the ratlings, mind his wards (as certain apprentices should), follow his orders (as certain apprentices should), and generally do not bother him (as certain apprentices should). The three cats are Scorn (a white cat with faint red tabby markings on her tail, paws, ears, and face), Azalia (a gorgeous classic tabby in brown and tan), and Spooky Bob (a brown cat with white paws, chin, and belly with a stubby little tail).

See that rope? Ash can actually do that. She is 5'10" with coppery skin, black hair, and deep blue eyes. She is stronger than she looks. Ash is appropriately described as a 'ragamuffin.' She loves to target practice with her sling on pigeons and ratlings and the occasional passer-by. Barring that, she likes to eat. Her favorite colors are indigo, sea green, and gold. Her favorite time of day is the still time just before sunrise. She was caught recently for nicking the engagement ring of the son of the Captain of the Guards, so her reputation with the Guild is not too good. She despises being called anything other than 'Ash.'


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